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This is a tub-sized beer cooler for all those who like their beer chilled to the bone. Fill it up with ice and then throw some beer bottles in. It’s better than the deep freeze in the fridge which after all, can take only so many bottles. The tub is attractively designed and says "Ice Cold Beer Served Here", which serves a clear warning to all those who have tooth sensitivity problems - for instance - and can’t sip a cold beverage without instantly doubling up in pain. Acquire a reputation for being a thorough host who thinks about everything, get yourself this beer cooler and get the party roaring!


  • Party Time Beer Cooler with handle
  • Designed by Balvi
  • Bottle Opener built into side
  • Made from metal
  • The beer cooler measures approx. 31 x 21 x 17cm
  • Great for summer BBQs or parties