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'Music, makes the people, come together, yeeeah...'. Do excuse us. No we're not rehearsing for the next installment of Gadgetshop Idol. We're actually giving this nifty little gadget a bit of a plug, if you'll pardon the pun. Think back a long long time customers, to when you were but mini gadgeteers. Recall the school trips on which you wished your Walkman included an extra jack, so you could share the joy with the object of your affection as you bopped along to 'Kung Fu Fighting'. And now this age old problem has been solved, by the colourfully named folks at Bluw. Simply plug Hi Jack into your MP3 player, attach two headphones and share away. What makes the Hi Jack so sweet (apart from the rather fetching name) is its tiny size and keychain clip, so you can keep it with you wherever you go.


  • A great way to share your music
  • It makes a perfect gift or stocking filler
  • Comes in a gorgeous pink and studded with diamantes
  • Fits all MP3 players; Size 7cm x 3.5cm approx
  • Just plug it in and listen!