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Jagshemash, I like.............!` The Borat Mankini is a gaudy lime-green exact replica of the Mankini the legendary Borat wears in the rib-tickling film Cultural Learnings of America: For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan!

Don one of these bad boys and you trully will be the laughing stock . We take no responsibility for any arrests made as a result of wearing this product. HIGH FIVE! The official, 20th century fox licensed `Borat Mankini`. Perfect material for the upcoming stag do period.


  • Has the official Borat film logo stitched into the back and an official 20th century fox logo on the tag!
  • Features a little mesh pocket to keep your jingle jangles inside!
  • One size fits all – is nice!
  • Suitable for exhibitionists like Borat!