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Here's a delightful perfume in the air: it's here….it's there…it's everywhere! And if you look out at night, you'll find the source of this lovely fresh smell. It's Rufus!

These charming, colourful little owls are produced in Italy to a design created by the Hong Kong studio "What's That". You can put them in the car, around the house, in wardrobes, in shoe-racks, and they will freshen up the whole atmosphere by emitting a most delectable perfume. Easy to position, they can be put wherever you like: on the dashboard, in drawers, on coat hangers. So be careful when you open the wardrobe… an owl may be waiting to catch you!


  • Car and home fragrance
  • Original Funky Design Gift
  • Indian wood fragrance
  • Useful for wardrobe
  • Long lasting perfume
  • 3 colors available: pink, blue and green, sold assorted
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 5 x 5 cm