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WTF!? Car Sun Shades block out 93% of the sun’s rays – keeping your car cool and causing proper ROFLsnorts from anyone passing by.

Next time the sun’s out, cause merry hell with the traffic wardens with a WTF!? Car Sun Shade in your windscreen. Not only will this riotous car sun shade perk up any passer-by, it’ll also reflect 93% of the sun’s rays - a great car accessory or gift for car lovers.

Oh sure, here in Blighty there doesn’t seem much need for a windshield sunscreen (even one depicting a car-jacking or an old couple screaming at technology). After all, we rarely enjoy the same searing midday temperatures as our Mediterranean friends. But consider this: in just two hours of direct sunlight, a car’s interior temperature can rise as much as fifty degrees higher than the temperature outside. So what feels like a balmy May afternoon outside your car can quickly make the inside feel like a Bikram yoga studio. So it’s worth bearing in mind.


  • Keeps your car’s interior cool
  • Reflects heat and UV rays
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Suitable for most car windscreens
  • Made from aluminium and polyester
  • Sun shading rate: 93%
  • Measures approximately 70 × 130 cm