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CinniBird creates a new style in food art and decoration. Drawing with spices? Isn’t it wonderful? It is healthy, you don’t make any unneccessary waste, and CinniBird uses only natural materials made of plants, which are not harmful to you and the environment! We guess you are wondering on how professional baristas, confectioners, chefs creating those unbeleivable decorations for food and drink. We designed CinniBird for you, to make you a pro! Make your friend/love happy by creating her/him a unique and inimitable drawing! Fly with the freedom of creativity and dazzle the others! You don’t need to be an artist to draw like a professional, everyone can make unique and beautiful drawings with CinniBird!

CinniBird is simple to operate and requires little maintenance, which means that anyone can use it. You just fill it with ground material, press the button, and draw! Latte art has never been so fun or so easy, and children will never tire of drawing with Cinnibird, as they will be able to make a beautiful decoration for any occasion. Food presentation becomes more popular as CinniBird makes it very easy to create wonderful drawings on any surface.

About Cinnibird

CinniBird is the first and only kitchen implement that allows users to make drawings and write with ground spices. CinniBird is the perfect tool for people who want to be creative and make the food they eat and the coffee they drink into beautiful works of art.

What is included in the package?:

  • CinniBird Spice Pen – White
  • Cleaner
  • Batteries
  • Users Manual
  • Transparent Box