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There’s nothing mankind loves more than a good old oversized everyday object. Should we reign it in? No, that would be a sad, joyless move for humanity. Cue this Giant Soy Sauce Bottle...

10 times the height, weight and size of the gill-bearing condiment container we all know and love, this enormous specimen can be filled with just whatever the hell you like. Please do avoid filling with soy sauce. 500ml of that might kill you. Stick with coke. Or water.

You can also guzzle on the go, thanks to the trusty sling strap provided. And if that doesn’t quite quench your thirst for convenience, you’ll be pleased to know the Giant Soy Sauce Bottle also stands of its own accord. Marvellous.


  • Appealing because it's big
  • 500 ml, a striking volume
  • Comes with strap. So very portable
  • Dimensions: 26.5 x 9.6 x 6cm