Xmas already! Everything is a dream; snowflakes, choirs, Xmas trees, the eerie atmosphere of celebrations and forgiveness, family time and above all… an empty bank account! Let’s forget about November wages, let’s just spend it all to make others happy, but let’s not go all Paris Hilton or we’ll end up on the streets! Enjoymedia offers pressies and wrapping options for all budgets and for all the Xmas souls gathered at the table on Xmas Eve! We did spy on Santa Claus and we have discovered all the trendy stuff from North Pole this year… We kind of helped ourselves to some treasures, all carefully wrapped by little elves with red and green costumes, and we took it all back, in all their originality, their price and to suit all tastes, fun, weird, kinky or even eco-friendly! There are items for ladies, gents, kids, workmates, horror fans, winos, dogs, and chefs etc… everything you need for a perfect Xmas even if you are stuck at work! Another perk at Enjoymedia, no queue at the counter, no row in the game section, no fight between little Tom and random Santa, you can finally purchase your gifts with a glass of wine and your credit card number by the fire! Xmas categories are but a tiny sample of all that we sell online, so do not hesitate to browse the whole website, and all that in 4 languages! Welcome to the 1st online European Xmas!