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You always read about how people began their million dollar business by a simple business plan they wrote down on a cocktail napkin. Presumably because they were broke and drinking, but that is not the point. The point is that you can quadruple your chances of having a great idea of your own if you already have the Napkin Sketchbook. No need to wait for divine intervention, you can force the issue a bit by giving you the tools that others have come upon accidentally.


  • Everyone knows that the best ideas are conceived on restaurant napkins
  • So, it follows that if you sketch out all of your ideas on napkins they should all be great, right?
  • Dimension: Each 13 cm x 12.1 cm Napkin Sketchbook
  • Ffilled with thirty blank napkins
  • Great conversation starter
  • The Harry Potter series started out by being written on napkins