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Keramikus is a family of kitchen knives made of black ceramic and fitted with faceted handles. The family consists of three knives of various size, shape and purpose: Vegetus for paring, Usubus for slicing and chopping and Shefus, the chef’s knife.

Black ceramic knives are hardened in furnaces for longer which makes them stronger than white ceramic ones.

Keramikus knives do not oxidize, rust or disseminate bacteria. They are safe, easy to care for and can be cleaned with aggressive detergents.

Faceted handles of Keramikus knives do not slip and fit in hand comfortably.


  • Keramikus Vegetus for peeling fruit and vegetables, 98 mm blade
  • Keramikus Usubus for slicing and chopping vegetables, 185 mm blade
  • Keramikus Shefus, a universal chef’s knife, 200 mm blade