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Nothing has ever looked appetising wrapped up in sweaty cling film or sloshing round in some tacky old Tupperware – your culinary creations deserve better. So get your food all dolled up in a Kokeshi Bento Box and turn your lacklustre lunches into wondrous three-tiered banquets.
Based on the ancient Japanese tradition of keeping everything really neat and tidy; these dumpy little characters feature a trio of stackable compartments which slot together and are then held in place with a strong elastic strap. The middle section has a handy airtight silicone lid so you won't end up with Miso soup all round your rucksack.
They're perfect for those who can't stand their food-stuffs mixing and a hell of a lot more practical and eco-friendly than buying separate lunch boxes or wasting miles of cling film.
Multi-storey meals are the future and these bento boxes are your dinky lead astronauts.


  • Keep your food fresh and compartmentalised
  • Holds 640ml (2x 200ml + 1x 240ml)
  • Airtight lid on the middle section – perfect for storing soup/dressed salads etc.
  • Use their hat as a bowl (a bowl-er hat if you will)
  • Held together by a handy elastic strap
  • More eco-friendly than reams and reams of cling film
  • BPA-free
  • Made in Japan
  • Microwave safe (remove lids and elastic strap)
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Measures approximately 13 cm x 10cm