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You’ll finally LIKE opening bottles!

It’s not easy combining two worlds, sometimes you have to distance yourself between friends you hang out with and friends you talk to online. But no more! Now with the Thumbs Up Bottle Opener you can mix social media with partying! This incredible bottle opener is shaped like that thumb we all like daily! So next time you’re going to party, make sure it’ll be one you know everyone will like!

The most popular thumb in the world now opens bottles!

It may look like a that popular thumbs up we all know and love, but this one packs a punch! This novelty bottle opener can open even the toughest bottles to make sure everyone likes your party! And nothing screams new profile pic like a picture of you opening a bottle with this awesome bottle opener! This handy bottle opener even comes with a magnetic back so you can store it on your fridge and use it to show off other things you like!