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These ancient warriors are not to be messed with! Armoured with their shuriken, Nunchucks and swords, these Nesting Ninja Dolls are based on original Russian Matryoshka dolls. The design of each doll features a different ninja weapon. Useful for storing small items, they also look great lined up on a desk, windowsill, shelf or mantelpiece.

The Ninja nesting set looks like a happy little family of deadly assassins. Not the sort of family you'd like to meet in a dark alley at night, mind you.

Interestingly, although we usually associate nesting dolls with Russia (they were created there in 1890) the design for the first Matryoshka dolls was inspired by traditional Daruma dolls from Japan. These were originally made from papier-mâché. Now, having come full circle, these new Ninja dolls have been updated for the 21st century - a thoroughly modern version of the traditional doll.


  • Set of six Ninja nesting dolls
  • Based on Russian Matryoshka dolls
  • Matching gift box
  • Ideal for decoration or storing small items
  • Modern twist on a classic design
  • Largest Doll - Height 11.7 x Diameter 5.5 cm
  • Smallest Doll - Height 3.5 x Diameter 1.8 cm