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The Sto Gramm or 0.1 l was a traditional and known form to fill up and keep Vodka, most of all at Soviet times. Cto [sto/stɔ] is Russian for „hundred“. The Sto Gramm isn’t very frequent these days, but every Russian gets sentimental and nostalgic when thinking about it!

Its rarety made the fulfilling of our idea very difficult, but we have overcome all hindering to have the Sto Gramm back for our Partisan Vodka. After a long time of searching, we finally did with the adequate recipient and lid. So please enjoy our Partisan Vodka served in Sto Gramm as much as we do.

Partisan Vodka STO GRAMM – the Original from Belarus!

This item cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18


  • Alcohol content: 40% luxury quality
  • Quantity: 0.1 ltr / Sto gramm
  • Produced and bottled in Belarus