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The Sculpt-Your-Own Girlfriend kit gives you the chance to create your perfect lady-love.Whilst real-life is so often a disappointment in producing gorgeous single ladies, all you need to do here is follow the instructions to design a whole variety of beautiful belles from the Little Devil to the Sports Fan to the Bunny Boiler!The kit contains 5 different colours of modelling clay, special modelling tools and an instruction guide that teaches you to design 25 different types of girlfriend. Theres no better gift for any lonely hearts out there!


  • Learn to sculpt 25 brilliant different girlfriend designs each one lovelier than the next!
  • Kit contains 5 different colours of modelling clay, sculpting tool, modelling wire, plastic eyes & instruction booklet
  • Clay colours: red, black, yellow, brown, peach
  • Why have one girlfriend when you can have 25?
  • Product Size: 130mm x 40mm x 185mm