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A few minutes of workout a day using the Shake Weight Pro is all that is needed to achieve toned arms and shoulders. This revised version of the Shake Weight will make bingo wings a thing of the past, all you need to do is shake it! The easy to use weight doesn't require batteries or power, instead it is powered by manual motion, moving when you use it.

With the Shake Weight Pro you can adjust the resistance of the weight, this enables you to personalise your workout and go from moderate to intense in a matter of seconds. It works by stimulating the muscles in your arms, shoulders and chest, giving your upper body a workout. Shape and tone your arms the fast way, from the comfort of your home, in just a few minutes of work a day. The multi-function computer built into the side of the device enables you to keep a track on your workouts and how much you're progressing. With the included DVD you can learn how to get the most from the Shake Weight Pro and maximise your results.


  • Control your workout with the adjustable resistance
  • Adjusts with a simple turn of the weight
  • Fun way to tone and shape your arms, shoulders and chest
  • No motor or batteries needed, just shake
  • Makes muscles contract up to 240 times per minute
  • Easy to use and store
  • Requires no batteries or power


  • Shake Weight Pro Female
  • Bonus upper body workout DVD
  • Built in multifunction computer