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There is a time when we have to say STOP! to this wild imoral fauna, that think that they can wander in our parks, on our streets, on our trees, in front of our dearest sweethearts and we cannot say anything about it!?

Squirrels, Rodents from all counties, we will surrender NO MORE!! We are ready to fight with dignity and put some into you! YOU WILL STOP your distusting habit of running NAKED!

We have the ultimate weapon to fight you and your "trilili" hanging out the way it does. A pair of pants that will match your waistline and others like hamsters, frogs, big rats and small poodles; and we are nice although you do not deserve it because our pants are made of 95% cotton and only 5% spandex for the perfect fit and comfort!



  • Underpants for rodents and samll poodles, unique size for a perfect fit
  • Machine washable if you think the squirrels live in homes like us (loonyyyyy)
  • Made especially for Sloanies!
  • Quality brand so we do not get too many refunds!