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We all know someone who loves a soak in the bath but why not have a 'bubble' at the same time... Sorry, that's cockney rhyming slang for a laugh. Bubble bath, laugh..? Ahem. Back to business. The Stuck! bath plug is so sweet that you'll want him by your side in any bath - he's useful too as he's of universal size and can be used in any plug. It's a perfectly practical plug for your bath, but with the added advantage of being a little bit quirky and something that will make people visiting your bathroom laugh.
Plus, Stuck! is the perfect gift for a prankster as he or she can sneak into the bathroom when nobody's looking and hide this in the plughole for the ultimate silly surprise.
No fish were harmed in the making of this product by the way!!


  • A bath plug shaped like an overweight fish that's got stuck on it's way down.
  • Made from durable orange rubber
  • Universal size to fit all plug holes
  • Height: 9 cm