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With The Blade Saver, a few simple steps will give your razor blade a new lease of life instantly! Keeping your blade as sharp as the day you bought it...
Considering the cost of razor blades it’s a wonder that everyone is not walking around with a beard! But since the Castaway look doesn’t suit everyone, it’s time to get smart and purchase the Blade Saver Razor Blade Sharpener.
This cool gadget is suitable for all razors and sharpens blades in seconds!
Rather than your razor lasting for around 6 good shaves, you can use the same blade over and over again and enjoy that new blade feeling every time.
Use the Blade Saver brush to gently remove whiskers or debris, removing the residue with the leather section on the back of the brush. When your blade is clean, turn on the Blade Saver Razor Blade Sharpener (ensuring the head is rotating in the same direction as the blades) and apply light pressure. Then just rinse your razor blade under warm water and you’re good to go.
It’s as great gift for dad (and mum)! Why spend hundreds in razors every year? Buy the Blade Saver Razor Blade Sharpener and enjoy a comfortable, close shave every time for a whole lot less.

3 Easy steps to a NEW like razor!
1. Clean the razor.
Gently remove any debris with the Blade Saver brush.
Remove residue with the leather section on the back of the brush.
2. Turn on The Blade Saver.
Move the Blade Saver acrosss the blades 15-20 times applying gentle pressure.

3. Rinse your razor blade under warm water.

Now enjoy a comfortable, close shave.


  • Leather head
  • Replacement head included
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries (included)
  • Cleaning brush included
  • File for maintaining leather head included
  • Renew, reuse and recycle
  • Sharpens razors in seconds
  • Sharpens any razor!
  • Save the Environment
  • Makes your blades last 10 times longer!