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As fantasy headwear goes, it doesn't get much more enchanting than The Magicorn Hood.
Purest white fur, a majestic golden horn, flowing rainbow mane and silky soft hooves. Just slip your weary head and hands within the luxurious plush innards of this fairy-tail steed and begin to fill your world with wonder.
Like a hulking lion-skin, draped triumphantly across the broad shoulders of Hercules – this fabled hide is a powerful symbol of the great deeds you've performed in your life. Sure, you haven't actually skinned a mythical creature yourself but you've done some pretty cool stuff.


  • Majestic golden horn and rainbow mane
  • Soft plush hood with warm fluffy mittens
  • Made from cosy cotton and polyester, as opposed to fairy-tale animal skin
  • One-size-fits-most