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People enjoy hot drinks for all sorts of reasons; many love the familiar taste, others simply need them to remain alert in the morning, but some of us just want to inhale the warm, caffeinated vapours; take a long, fulfilling swig and escape into another world.

There is no better vessel to transport you to these exciting unknown destinations than the Warp Pipe Mug. Brimming with pixelated gaming nostalgia, just grab this iconic 8-bit brute by its chunky handle and take your hot drink experiences to the next level.

It's also the perfect place to grow your Venus Flytrap.


  • Mug in the shape of the classic 8-bit pipe emerging from pixelated brickwork
  • The ideal place to grow your Venus Flytrap
  • Dishwasher and Microwave safe
  • Holds 426ml
  • Dimensions: 18cm(H) x 14cm(Ø)