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The original "make your own superhero" kit!

You are a YouDoo Superhero! Use the kit inside to transfer your face onto the YouDoo Superhero Doll's head!


  • Create your own super-hero slogan and record it in your own voice!
  • Press the right hand to record your slogan and the left hand to play it back! You can re-record your slogan again and again.
  • Design your super-hero emblem!
  • Comes complete with super-hero costume and personalisable crest. Design your own superhero emblem by drawing straigt onto the crest.
  • This personalised gift is great for ages 14 to 140!
  • Limited Edition

What u get in the kit:

  • 25cm (10 inch) tall Superhero Doll (Male Version)
  • Built-in sound-recorder box to record and playback your superhero slogan
  • Superhero costume with crest panel - draw on it with regular marker pens
  • Photo Transfer kit to put your face on the superhero doll
  • Presented in a stylish YouDoo Superhero gift box
  • Full instructions (English)