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Balloons. What's the use?
On the one hand they're synonymous with the good times – playfully batted around a dance floor, flanking a table or taped to the garden gate to symbolise there's a "party over here!"
On the other they're a depressing reminder of your old age, colourful orbs telling you that you should definitely be having more fun than you are; getting in your face as you try to clear up a pile of last night's alcohol-drenched debris.
Unless you're a 3 year old (and even then), balloons do not make a party – they're the inflatable illusion of fun. So why not celebrate honesty and undermine the big occasion with these thoroughly Abusive Balloons.


  • Really undermine someone's big day
  • A brutally-honest alternative to regular boring balloons
  • Fill them with helium or just your own stinking breath
  • Pack of 12 brutally honest balloons:
    • 4x Red - F*CK ME YOU'RE OLD
    • 4x Yellow - HAPPY F*CKING WHATEVER
    • 4x Orange - THIS PARTY IS SH*T
  • Balloons inflate to approximately 25cm
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