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Have you ever seen an eraser set so cute, it's almost criminal to use them to erase your mistakes? Well, let me introduce you to the Animal Eraser Collection that will make you feel guilty for ever using it!

First, we have the mouse eraser, who's so small, it's easy to mistake it for a real mouse. Just be careful not to accidentally set a trap for it!

Then there's the monkey eraser, who's always monkeying around, jumping from pencil to pencil, and occasionally stealing a banana eraser from its friends.

The cat eraser is the laziest of them all, spending most of its time sleeping on top of a pencil or lying in a sunbeam. But watch out, because when it's awake, it'll be sure to claw its way into your heart.

Last but not least, we have the dog eraser, who's always wagging its tail and barking up a storm. Just make sure you don't accidentally mistake it for your real dog and toss it a ball.

Together, this gang of erasers will make your mistakes disappear faster than you can say "cute overload!" Just be warned, you might find yourself spending more time admiring them than actually erasing anything.


  • Set of 4
  • Mouse, cat, dog & monkey
  • in gift box

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