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Relive the glory days of 8-bit gaming with a modern twist with the Atari Flashback 12 Console, a reimagined classic that brings the iconic Atari console back to life! Packed with nostalgia and innovation, this console boasts in-built memory hosting all 110 timeless games, allowing you to dive right into the action. Experience a gaming revolution with modern features like save, load, and rewind options, giving you unprecedented control over your gaming journey.

Immerse yourself in a gaming paradise featuring classics like Space Invaders, Asteroids, Pitfall, Frogger, and Centipede. The Atari Flashback 12 doesn't just bring back memories; it enhances them. The classic 8-bit style is presented in stunning high definition, with a 720p HDMI output that breathes new life into your favorite games. (Just a heads up, you'll need to snag your own HDMI cable for this adventure.)

Grab the 2 wired joysticks included in the package, and relish that unmistakable classic gaming feel. The Atari Flashback 12 isn't just a console; it's a time machine that transports you to an era of big hair, funky beats, and unforgettable gaming sessions. It's not just a walk down memory lane; it's a full-blown sprint!

Powered by a convenient micro-USB cable (included), you can plug this console into any compatible power port, making it ready for action whenever the gaming mood strikes. This isn't just a revival; it's a revolution.

  • The Atari console is back and now better than ever
  • With 110 built-in games including Asteroids Deluxe
  • 720p HDMI resolution (cable not included)
  • Save, load, and rewind your games
  • Includes 2 wired controllers

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