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AvoSeedo - Grow your own Avocado Tree Evergreen


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AvoSeedo is a small plastic bowl that features an indentation with a hole in it. A single avocado seed can be inserted with the “flat” end facing down. Afterwards, AvoSeedo can be placed in a sufficiently large, water-filled pot. Due to its low weight and high displacement, AvoSeedo will remain at the surface all the time; as the water level lowers, AvoSeedo will sink accordingly.

With AvoSeedo, you can significantly raise the success rate when it comes to avocado germination. Without any risk, you can decrease the watering intervals drastically. Only from time to time you will have to check the water level of the pot containing AvoSeedo plus avocado seed. Compared to the original toothpick method, there’s another advantage: the avocado seed doesn’t need to be perforated, reducing the risk of damage (and thus, failed germination efforts).

And finally, AvoSeedo features a mounting that can be used to attach small flags. These can be inscribed with the date when germination started, with strain names or with additional information. Thus, you can easily keep track, even when germinating several avocado seeds at the same time.


  • Grow your own avocado tree
  • Easy to use peel the avocado pit; put it into the AvoSeedo and presto; its ready to go
  • No attention needed due to the clever design of the AvoSeedo it needs minimal attention
  • Great design easy to use with a great design that looks just like a real avocado
  • Highly durable the AvoSeedo will last for years as its made from super strong non-toxic plastic

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