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Blocks Catplayhouse


69.95 CHF

Blocks Playhouse: A clean and healthy toy for both human and cat


  • Entertain
    Create a safe playground to play with when working or doing grocery shopping, and nobody gets bored as you can keep rebuilding.
  • Good behavior
    Avoid undesired behavior such as scratching on furniture, aggressive or overactive play, or nighttime wake-up calls.
  • Exercise
    Imperative to physical and mental development, nature’s way of teaching these predators how to move, jump, hide, hunt and more.
  • Play
    Stimulate your cat and train together, work-out is important to avoid obesity, diabetes and other illnesses, and it keeps kitty sharp.
  • Safe harbor
    Cats intuitively search for suitable hideouts with an overview and no blind spots, this also explains their love for cardboard boxes.
  • Value
    True alternative to scratching posts, cat villas or other kitty furniture by using extra strong cardboard, ensuring long and fun lifetime.

Enjoy BLOCKS basic package including: 2 beams, 2 cubes, tunnel, bridge, slide, 2 type connectors & decorative set. 

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