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The Grow Buddha Bonsai Fertilizer is a meticulously crafted formula designed exclusively for the well-being of your cherished bonsai trees. The fertilizer is not just a generic product marketed as "Bonsai Fertilizer"; it is a specialized blend of key nutrients and trace elements essential for the successful growth and survival of Bonsai Trees, born from the expertise of Bonsai Masters.

Bonsai trees, confined to small pots, face the challenge of nutrient depletion. This fertilizer addresses this concern, ensuring your tree receives the necessary nutrients to thrive. Say goodbye to slow growth and weakness; welcome a flourishing, vibrant bonsai.

Watch your bonsai transform as it absorbs the rich nutrients, displaying a level of vitality and beauty that can only be achieved with a fertilizer crafted with utmost precision and care.


  • Helps create thick trunks faster
  • Helps create a strong root system
  • Creates lush foliage
  • Contains probiotics for the roots
  • Seaweed extract contains natural growth hormones
  • Created by Bonsai experts who truly care! not by salespeople
  • Suitable for plants of all ages
  • Enough to last you a whole season
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Content: 100 ml
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