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Elevate your bonsai care with the Grow Buddha Bonsai Soil – a meticulously crafted blend designed to provide your tree with the optimal environment for thriving beauty. The ready-to-use soil mix is a symphony of premium materials, carefully selected to meet the specific needs of bonsai trees at every stage of their growth.

The soil mix strikes the ideal balance between drainage and water retention. The blend consists of four key ingredients – Horticulture sand, Horticulture grit, pine bark, and vermiculite – ensuring a harmonious environment for your beloved tree.

Healthy roots are the foundation of flourishing bonsai trees. The mix incorporates vermiculite and perlite to enhance aeration, allowing roots to breathe and receive the essential oxygen they need.

Perfected with insights from professional bonsai masters with decades of industry experience, the soil mix is a testament to precision and expertise. Trust in a blend that has been fine-tuned for the unique requirements of bonsai cultivation.

The soil comes pre-mixed and ready to use, saving you valuable time and effort. Just add it to your bonsai container of choice, and watch your tree thrive.

Whether you're tending to a bonsai seedling or a fully grown masterpiece, the Grow Buddha Bonsai Soil Mix is tailored to meet the needs of plants at all ages. Experience consistent, reliable performance across the entire lifecycle of your bonsai.


  • With Pine bark, perlite, vermiculite and horticultural sand
  • Promotes healthy roots and new leaf growth
  • For good water retention, aeration and drainage
  • Content: 2 litres
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