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Boot Bananas Original Shoe Deodorisers


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he Boot Bananas are super effective deodorising inserts. Made with naturally absorbing salts, minerals and plant extracts of French lavender, Sicilian lemon, Indonesian patchouli and Australian tea tree.... all packed in a cotton banana skin.

Designed for the stinkiest footwear of all, namely climbing shoes encased in rubber and worn barefoot during intense, sweaty exercise. Boot Bananas shoe deodorant neutralises extreme odour, making the inside of shoes less hospitable to odour-causing bacteria while helping to dry out sweat.

Boot Bananas are ideal for all types of shoes: running shoes, football boots, rugby, tennis, badminton, golf, pointe ballet, riding and motorbike shoes, smelly slippers or summer shoes.

The fun banana shape is perfect for getting into shoes or boots, and also puts a smile on people's faces by helping to remove the social stigma of shoe odour.

Made by a family-owned UK company that manufactures its products in Sri Lanka. Production is managed by a UK, Swedish and Sri Lankan company ensuring the highest quality and ethical working conditions.

The products are manufactured with minimal use of plastic. The aim is to make production plastic-free by 2024.


  • Original Shoe Deodoriser
  • Triple action - odour-neutralising, moisture-absorbing and antimicrobial
  • Environmentally conscious design
  • Cotton casing is biodegradable
  • Active ingredients consist exclusively of salts, minerals and plant extracts
  • The perfect gift for anyone who suffers from foot odour
  • Highly effective and long lasting
  • Especially effective for barefoot shoes


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