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CasusGrill The Eco-Friendly Grill


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CASUSGRILL™ is an award-winning Danish innovation company with a green DNA and a passion for making a difference for our planet Earth.

The idea of a green version of a disposable barbecue made from all-natural materials was born in 2009 on a camper van trip in the French mountains. Due to the bad experiences of cooking and the aluminium shells of disposable barbecues that were strewn all over fields, bushes and around rubbish bins, Susanne and Carsten, the founders of CasusGrill™, decided to make a change.

They wanted to create a disposable barbecue that would have better performance, be more sustainable and safer to use, and not use metals that take up to 200 years to decompose.

All materials are sustainable and biodegradable. The lava stones can easily be returned to nature and can even be used as a soil amendment and 100% pure cultivation for plants.

After use, the CasusGrill The Eco-Friendly Grill can be disposed of in a campfire. It leaves no waste in nature. Because it uses less charcoal, CO2 emissions are also lower than with conventional barbecues.



  • No bad taste or smell of lighter liquid or fossils fuel
  • Quick Oxylite™ makes it ready to cook in 5 minutes
  • 400 C / 600 F degrees
  • Creates a high, even temperature
  • Cooking time about 60 minutes
  • Thermal lightweight insulation
  • All materials are sustainable and biodegradable
  • The lava stones can easily be returned to nature
  • Can be disposed in a bonfire and leaves NO trash behind in nature
  • Reduced CO2 emissions because use of less charcoal
  • Portable
  • Dimensions: 32 x 24 x 5.5 cm
  • Weight: 1kg

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