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Cat Nap Cushion


29.95 CHF

No creature in the animal kingdom knows how to catch forty winks better than a cat. Why do you think they have nine lives? Constant napping. You too can harness this incredible power with the Cat Nap Cushions.
Now, we could tell you that they're the puuuurfect way to get off to sleep during the day, that they're "totally clawsome", that you should buy them right meow. But tabby honest, we both know that you're kitten yourself if you think that you can function properly when you're sleep deprived.
This plush pussycat appreciates that everyone has their own unique way of getting comfortable, which is why it can be worn over your hand, elbow or forearm. At your desk? On a plane? If you're feline tired, just paws for a moment, rest your weary head on the Catnap Cushion and enjoy the slumberous bliss.


  • The purrfect power-napping solution
  • Can be worn on your hand, forearm or elbow
  • Looks a bit like 'Toothless' from the 'How to train your Dragon' movies
  • Dimensions: 29 x 23 x 16 cm

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