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39.95 CHF

If you enjoy travelling around this magnificent world then the Chalkboard Globe is a must have for your home. Most globes don’t really do much other than spin on their axis but this one is not like the others. This one is a customizable globe!

The chalkboard globe has all seven continents already printed on, so you don’t have to worry about trying to guess just how big Africa is, simply add your own details onto the map. Mark where you first met that dreamy pool boy, doodle landmarks, tick the places you’ve been, circle where you want to go and draw a big fat cross against the places you want to avoid.

The 20cm diameter globe is set on a sturdy metal base and spins on its axis like any regular globe. Some simple assembly is required to put the globe together but once complete, you have a brilliant gift for travellers.


  • Customisable globe
  • Two pieces of white chalk included
  • Decorate globe however you want
  • Set on a sturdy metal base
  • Spins on axis
  • Great gift for travellers
  • Some simple assembly required
  • Measures approx. 20cm diameter

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