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Chipolo One is the ultimate solution to your never-ending game of hide-and-seek with your phone and keys! With this connected keychain, losing your belongings will become a thing of the past. Say hello to the all-new Chipolo One, a powerhouse device that surpasses its predecessor in every way. Get ready to experience louder rings, an extended battery life, and a host of convenient features that will make your life easier than ever before.

Imagine effortlessly locating your items with a simple snap of your fingers. Chipolo One lets you do just that! Make it ring and watch as it leads you straight to your misplaced belongings, whether it's your phone or keys. You can even use it to capture picture-perfect selfies, making it a versatile companion in your everyday life.

Don't worry about constantly changing batteries either. The replaceable battery in Chipolo One boasts an impressive lifespan of up to 2 years, providing you with long-lasting peace of mind.

Featuring a powerful 120 dB ringtone and a coverage range of 60 meters in an open field, Chipolo One ensures that you'll never struggle to find your items, even from a distance. And if you happen to wander out of range, our app has you covered. It remembers the last GPS location of your item and guides you back to it effortlessly.

But that's not all. Chipolo One offers a clever reverse function as well. Simply click on the Chipolo device, and it will make your phone ring, even if it's in silent mode. Say goodbye to those frustrating moments of searching for your phone in vain.

To further enhance your convenience, Chipolo One sends you handy notifications whenever you accidentally leave your items behind. Never again will you have to turn around or retrace your steps just to retrieve your belongings.

Share your locations with family and friends, allowing them to join in the search or keep an eye on their own belongings. Chipolo One is compatible with iOS and Android devices and supports voice recognition with popular assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa.

With Chipolo One, you can trust in its quality and reliability. Proudly made in the EU, it meets the highest standards of craftsmanship and technology, ensuring a premium product that you can depend on.

  • Make Chipolo ring to find all your belongings... or take selfies!
  • Replaceable battery with up to 2 years of lifespan
  • 120 dB ringtone, 60m coverage range in open field
  • When out of range, the app remembers and points to the object's last GPS location
  • Reverse function: click on the Chipolo to make your phone ring (even in silent mode)
  • Alerts the user when leaving items behind
  • Share locations with family or friends
  • Works with iOS and Android with voice recognition (Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa)
  • Made in the EU

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