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Wine isn’t like other drinks. You can serve a good apple juice anywhere from 0 degrees to a lunchbox-friendly 35. And Ribena can even be warmed up! But serve your guests a wine that’s too warm or too cold and you might as well be dishing out canapés on a hubcap. You see, there are subtleties to wine – too warm and the alcohol will dominate the flavour, too cold and there may be no flavour at all. It’s a dilemma. But we’ve found a nifty way around it.
Shunning messy ice buckets and (heaven forbid) ice cubes in your Chardonnay, the Corkcicle slots right into the top of your bottle – chilling your wine from within and keeping out any airborne nasties. Made from a thermal gel that’s completely sealed inside the elegant icicle shape, this clever gadget will retain its temperature far longer than ice and (more importantly) won’t dilute your drink. Better still, because it’s self-contained it can be used again and again! Just rinse it and place it back in the freezer, ready for next time.

But don’t go thinking this is purely for chilling your whites. Since the thermal gel retains its temperature far better than wine itself, it’s great for bringing red wine down to a palatable temperature without chilling it. Or, for that matter, raising it to room temperature if it’s been sitting in a chilly cellar (you posh lot).

Features :

  • Helps to maintain optimal drinking temperature for both whites and reds
  • Place into wine bottle once opened
  • Filled with a thermal gel designed to hold its temperature
  • Store in the freezer until needed
  • Can be refrozen and reused time and again
  • Clean and tidy alternative to an ice bucket
  • Partly remove to pour wine

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