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The Cubeletics Fitness Cubes provide an intensive full-body workout including stretching exercises. Three cubes show 18 exercise symbols, with one cube each for training the core muscles, the back muscles and the legs. With them, you can choose your workout without having to worry about the selection of exercises and their sequences, because the dice do it for you!

The workout is always balanced, because it targets all the important muscles of the body, and varied, because each roll of the dice results in a new combination of exercises. A total of 216 combinations are possible.

The fourth die indicates the number of repetitions or the duration. It is up to you whether you leave it at one run or tackle several.


  • 4 cubes (each 3 × 3 cm) made of untreated beech wood.
  • 18 cards with explanations of the exercises
  • Transport bag made of linen
  • In German language
  • Dimensions: 10.5 × 10.5 × 9 cm

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