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dandi® patch is a thin, discreet underarm patch that sticks to the skin. The absorbent sweat pads absorb 2,000 times the average amount of underarm perspiration, while the transparent film safely traps odour, prevents embarrassing sweat stains and yellow stains on clothing. This means you can confidently wear coloured clothing, white shirts and materials where sweat stains are otherwise always very noticeable.

dandi® patch is suitable for anyone who suffers from perspiration or is looking for an alternative to deodorants and antiperspirants. As this product is free of parabens and aluminium, cancer patients can also use dandi® patch during treatment.



  • The Amazing underarm patch
  • No sweat marks
  • No odour
  • No yellow staining
  • free from parabens and aluminium
  • 10 patches

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