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Do-It-Yourself Organic Home Spa Kit


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How would you feel about a spa day? How about making it happen right at home, using organic oils, natural clays and some of the loveliest ingredients your kitchen has to offer? With recipes for 4 face masks, 2 massage oils and 3 bath oils, pure relaxation is right at your fingertips.
At Oleum Vera, we take pampering seriously, meaning that we think a home spa should feature only the best and purest of ingredients. MY FAVORITE RITUAL fulfills that promise with organic cold-pressed oils and essential oils, and natural powdered clays and algae. And with high quality tools, beautiful containers, and a booklet of customizable recipes to boot, you’re only a step away from a new, one-of-a-kind home spa experience.
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  • Plant-based oils
    • Macadamia 2 fl oz
    • Grapeseed 2 fl oz
    • Kukui nut 1 fl oz
    • Avocado 1 fl oz
  • Essential oils
    • Frankincense 0.17 fl oz
    • Vetiver 0.17 fl oz
    • Patchouli 0.17 fl oz
    • Lavender 0.17 fl oz
  • Clay and powders
    • White kaolin clay 0.7 oz
    • Bentonite clay 0.35 oz
    • Activated charcoal 0.7 oz
    • Spirulina algae 0.7 oz
  • High quality accessories
    • Glass Bottle
    • Dropper Vial
    • Mortar & Pestle
    • Funnel
    • Recipe Booklet

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