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Dolphin Moodlight Plug


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You’re home at last! You’re muscles ache, you’re tired and you need nothing more than a long soak in the tub. And what could be better? Piping hot water, a bubbly wonderland of suds and all of your most luxurious cosmetics at hand. Perfect.

All except for one thing. Your harsh bathroom light isn’t exactly giving off the right vibes for you to truly kick back and unwind – in fact that hard yellow light is a total buzzkill. But don’t worry, we have just the thing to help you relax, the completely adorable and totally soothing Dolphin Moodlight Plug. This cute floatable flipper emits a calming glow sure to enhance your entire bathing experience. Either use him as your bath plug or let him bob around the tub on the water’s surface, the choice is yours! Fully waterproof, the Dolphin Moodlight Plug gently cycles through the entire colour spectrum creating the ultimate tranquil environment to ease away your worries. Safer, cleaner and a million times cuter than drippy candles, you’re bound to fall in love with your colourful new mammal friend.

So soothe your soul as you soak, and let this little dolphin transform your bath times forever.


  • Dolphin mood light with detachable bath plug
  • Phases through an array of relaxing colours
  • Creates a tranquil and colourful ambiance in your bathroom
  • Enhance your bathing experience
  • Sealed unit containing batteries and LED lights
  • Safer, cuter and less messy than candles
  • Not a toy. Keep out of reach of young children
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