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Duel Battle Gladiator Game


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1....2.....3....FIGHT!!! Awooooga!!! If any of these words mean anything to you then your will love this Duel Battle Gladiator Game, which lets you recreate the famous game from the hit TV show. 

Wack each other with the inflatable batons to prove who the true gladiator is! To win you just need to knock your opponent off of their inflatable podium, which means this game isn't just about who can hit the hardest, but who has the best balance. Just make sure you give your lil' bro or granny a fighting chance when you enter into the inflatable arena of battle.

You can play sudden death, best of three or first to five to prove who is the king of the podium! 


  • Inflatable battle gladiator game from the TV show
  • Test your strength and balance in a variety of games
  • Comes with two inflatable batons and podiums
  • Prfect for garden parties and stag do's
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