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Edgar Allan Poe Air Freshener


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It smells like "Poe-pourri!" Get it?

It's hard to lament lost loves and lose yourself to visions of horror when your car smells less than fresh. The Edgar Allan Poe Air Freshener is here to help! If you ever get buried alive, this is the air freshener that will keep your coffin smelling flower fresh as long as there is air left to freshen. It's a 4" tall cardboard air freshener decorated with the image of American writer Edgar Allan Poe and scented with "Poe-pourri." It will look smashing hanging on the rearview mirror of your horrifying hearse or your terrifying Taurus. String for hanging included.


  • Air freshener with image of Edgar Allan Poe
  • Smells like "Poe-pourri"
  • Freshens even the dankest tomb
  • 10 cm tall with string for hanging
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