Edible Anus

Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Christmas,  and Anniversaries – particularly sensitive times of year; get the wrong present and you may never live it down, but get it right and you could be hailed as a hero for decades to come! This is where the Edible Anus works its dark magic.

The unassuming black box contains six identical gourmet milk chocolate sphincters. Each one carefully cast from the immaculate (well, we think it looks pretty tidy) anus of a kind, female stranger.

It might be the cheeky, often outlawed sex muscle but you can't deny that it's a powerful symbol of intimacy! And, given the right flavouring (in this case chocolate) the anus can be a highly decadent treat. Let them know that your heart is in the right place with this thoroughly tongue-in-cheek gift.


  • Give them a present from the heart of your bottom
  • The perfect tongue-in-cheek gift
  • Belgian chocolate, British anus. Tasteless, yet absolutely delicious
  • Dimensions Box: 11 x 3 x 4 cm

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