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Felt Separator Set


4.95 CHF

This Felt Separator Set is the perfect solution for protecting your cookware from scratches and scuffs!

Made from high-quality felt material, these separators provide a soft, yet durable layer between your pans and pots, ensuring they remain scratch-free during storage. The set includes three different sizes, allowing you to accommodate a variety of cookware sizes.

These separators are incredibly easy to use - simply place them between your pans and pots before stacking them in your cupboard or drawer. They provide a secure grip, preventing your cookware from sliding around and potentially damaging each other.

Not only do these separators protect your cookware, but they also help you save space in your kitchen. By stacking your pans and pots with the separators in between, you can maximize your storage capacity and keep your kitchen organized and tidy.

Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, our 3 piece Felt Separator set is a must-have in your kitchen. Say goodbye to scratched and scuffed cookware and enjoy a clutter-free kitchen with our easy-to-use and highly effective separators.


  • 3-Piece Pack
  • Diameters: 30/34/38 cm

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