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Flying Balloon Girl Air Freshener


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The "Flying Balloon Girl" is certainly one of Banksy's most famous work. It was spray-painted on the Palestinian side of the West Bank wall in 2005. It could stand for the hope that one day the Palestinians will be able to overcome the separation imposed by the barrier that stands in their way. Many believe that the work stands for the children trapped by the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, longing to fly to freedom, and that it will be the children who will overcome these obstacles in the future.

Whatever the true meaning behind Banksy's painting, it is clear that the message is a positive one.

The Flying Balloon Girl Air Freshener is officially licensed, has been printed using an offset technique, is made entirely in Italy and is exclusively scented with cashmere and cedar wood.


  • Car air freshener.
  • "Brandalised Banksy's Graffiti" licence.
  • Fragrance: Cedarwood & Cashmere
  • Made in Italy
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