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Game of Gnomes


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Every now and again a piece of wordplay comes along that's so sumptuous, so irresistible that it would be a travesty to not bring it to life (Robocup anyone?). We present to you... Game of Gnomes.
The original may have been forged from a thousand swords in the fiery exhalation of a dragon named 'Balerion the Black Dread', but this slightly diminutive version is appropriately made up of an assortment of rusty gardening tools.
Perched upon his imposing royal armchair, this tyrannical gnome rules over your garden (and the seven neighbouring houses) with a weatherproof polyresin fist and is most effective at warding off common garden pests – treacherous family members, grumpkins, white walkers etc.


  • We can't stress it enough...Game. Of. GNOMES.
  • The King of all garden ornaments
  • Hand-painted and made from weatherproof polyresin
  • Dimensions: 19 x 27 x 16 cm

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