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Giant Inflatable Unicorn


69.95 CHF

Be the person who turns up to the party with a Giant Inflatable Unicorn.
A. Seven. Foot. Tall. Inflatable. Unicorn. It's the party accessory to eclipse all other party accessories – an excessive mythical centrepiece to infuse your events with a little magic and grandeur.
It also looks great just stood there nonchalantly in your living room. Check out that imposing power stance, those big doe eyes, the majestic rainbow mane, that proud, rigid horn.
The Giant Inflatable Unicorn isn't just another lavish poolside accessory – it's possibly the greatest thing we've ever sold.


  • Just add air to make this mythical creature become a reality!
  • You can't ride it. We tried
  • Glorious 7ft tall inflatable Unicorn
  • The perfect party/living room centrepiece
  • Crafted from durable, heavy-duty vinyl

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