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Girl With Balloon Scented Bookmark


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With its stunning simplicity and raw immediacy, Girl with Balloon is one of Banksy's most widely shared images today. In a 2017 poll, this undeniably iconic and culturally impactful image was voted the most popular artwork among Britons.

The Girl with Balloon first appeared as a graffiti mural outside a shop in Shoreditch in 2002 and later the same year on London's Southbank, this time with the words "There is Always Hope".

The painting came to worldwide fame when it was shredded during a Sothebys auction in 2018.

You can now find this artwork on a Scented Bookmark. It has been discovered that scents and smells are stored in emotional memory and long-term memory. The sense of smell is able to store longer term memories compared to the sense of sight or speech.What a lovely idea to link your favourite book with memories of a scent.


  • Material: paper
  • "Brandalised Banksy's Graffiti" licence
  • Size: 5 x 17 cm
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