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Glass Drinks Dispenser Jar with Water Infuser


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Give your ice cold drinks a refreshingly fruity kick with the Home Made Glass Drinks Dispenser Jar with Water Infuser by Kitchen Craft.

This rustic, retro drinks jar features a removable infuser. Pack it with fresh fruit and herbs, fill the jar with water and let it infuse to enjoy a mix of natural flavours.

It’s also great for fruit punches, cordials and alcoholic cocktails – you can pack the infuser with ice to keep your party drinks invigoratingly cool. It’s great for hot days!

With its 7.5-litre (13-pint) storage capacity and easy-to-use dispensing tap, it's fantastic for garden parties, barbecues and other special occasions!

How it Works

The generously sized infuser can be packed with all sorts of fruits and herbs, or even ice. It simply slots into the jar, so you can quickly and easily remove it for filling or refilling.

When you've stuffed the infuser with ingredients, its small slots allow the luscious flavours to infuse into your water, without allowing any ‘bits’ to escape into your drinks.

Why not try filling it with a mouth-watering blend of pineapple chunks and orange and lemon slices? Or you could even create a fruity ice tea by cold brewing tea bags in the infuser!

Made of Durable Glass

This 7.5-litre drinks dispenser is crafted from durable glass, making it a great choice to use outdoors – whether you're having a picnic or hosting a garden party. It's also really easy to fill (and refill!) with your favourite refreshments.

Non-Drip Dispensing Tap

The drinks jar features an easy-to-use dispensing tap, which can be turned on and off with a quick flick.

There's no need to worry about it dripping either. Its watertight seal stops even the tiniest of drops from escaping. You can also remove it once you've finished, for easier cleaning.

The Perfect Party Centrepiece

Beautifully finished with an old-fashioned embossed detailing, the drinks dispenser is as attractive as it is practical – it's sure to look great at the centre of your picnic, party or barbecue spread!


  • Keep guests refreshed and bring some rustic glamour to your garden party with this retro 7.5 L drinks dispenser jar
  • Infuser attachment lets you flavour water with fresh fruit and herbs - or pack it with ice to keep punches, cocktails and cordials cool
  • Made of high-quality glass with an embossed finish and a non-drip, easy-to-operate tap - so it's the perfect party centrepiece
  • Infuser is removable, so you can use the jar as a standard drinks dispenser too
  • Twelve month guarantee

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