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The Greena Paper Pot Maker Kit s a lovely garden gift idea for people with a green thumb and a wonderful solution for planting seedlings.  Using biodegradable paper pots for growing and planting will give your plants the very best chance of success. The advantage is that there is no replanting as the pots can be transferred directly to the ground.

The Kit is easy to use. Simply take a strip of old newspaper, wrap it round the press, fold it under, and twist into the base. It doesn’t take long and you can get several pots from one newspaper page. When the seedlings are ready to go into the garden, place the whole lot in one. The newspaper pot will gradually disintegrate, which allows your plants to grow faster because their roots haven’t been disturbed.


  • Ideal gardening gift for the avid green thumb
  • Make biodegradable planting pots
  • Transfer directly to the garden without damaging roots from re-potting
  • Moulds made from 100% beech and make 4cm and 6cm high seedling pots
  • Easy to use with full set of instructions included

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