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Gremlins Gizmo Body Puff


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This adorable Gremlins Gizmo Body Puff is the perfect companion for your daily shower routine! Unlike traditional mogwai, it can safely get wet and doesn't turn into a nasty little monster that gets up to mischief.

Immerse this super cute, high-quality plush puff in water, and watch it transform into a luxurious lathering powerhouse. Add a dollop of your favorite shower gel, and let the magic begin as it supercharges the soapy suds. The result? A deeply cleansing and pampering experience that leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated and oh-so-soft.

It's a unique blend of nostalgia and luxury that will make you look forward to every shower. Get ready to embrace the ultimate in comfort and skincare – order yours today and make bath time extraordinary!


  • Made from polyester
  • 100% official Gremlins product

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